How To Watch Movies Online Free Without Downloading 2017

You might have gone through our list of Top Websites To Watch Free Movies Online and now we will learn how we can use these websites. These websites are very simple to use but you might still need directions on how to search your favorite movies and then use proper tools to get everything going. This step by step tutorial will explain everything for an optimized movie watching experience.

How To Watch Movies Online

How To Watch Movies Online

Here we will select Putlocker for reference and will cover the basic know how to use a movie streaming website. Every movie streaming website has some basic features like a search engine, a toggle button to select between streams from different video hosts and a video player or a button linking to those external video hosts. Once we realize how to find these buttons and streams, movie watching experience becomes more enjoyable. So let us get started.

Say you have a movie in mind (La La Land for example), and you will like to watch it on one of the websites you selected from our watch movie websites list, here is what you need to do first. Look for a search button or a search bar on that website, which should look like the screen shot below :


Search Box or Search Bar

Now type in the name of the movie and you should get a suggestion of the movie with the poster, which should look like the below screen shot :


Search Movie

Type in the Movie name in the Search Box

Now you can click on the drop down or the poster of the movie and it will load the full page of this movie, here you can find a video player and several working streams below. To select a fastest stream you should toggle between the available streams and select the one which loads quick on your internet connection. These websites usually give top position to the streams which are able to load quickly and are good for streaming movies fast. Below screen shot will explain how to toggle between different streams :

Stream Toggle

Toggle Between different Streams

Once you select a stream it will load in the player and will display a play button which you can click to start the movie. Screen shot below will explain.

Video Player

Or you click on the “Click here to play this video” button to play the link in the new window :

Video Player Open

This pretty much what you need to do to watch movies on these websites. You need to download adblock addon on your browser as well to avoid several pop up ads which video hosts put on their website.

Enjoy watch movies free :)

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