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A review on free accounting software: Probably, QuickBooks is one of the most popular names of accounting software. If you do not have such software, perhaps you have not heard of it. Below there is an impartial review on QuickBooks accounting software.

A free version?

Well, I have good and bad news on this front. Good news first: it turns out that QuickBooks really offers free software. It is called QuickBooks Quick Start Free Edition. It is being released since 2009. This is a good piece of software if you are currently working with tables and hey, it is free.

Now to bad news: Quick Start will only allow tracking up to 20 customers. Then you will be offered to buy QuickBooks Pro. I think 20 is a low limit. I mean, who wants to have 20 clients? If you are selling yachts, 20 clients is a good number, but for the rest of us this number is insufficient. Intuit states that you have the taste for a product to buy it. Thus, you can decide whether you want this software or not without losing money.

A review on QuickBooks Pro:

One of the most distinctive features of QuickBooks is its usability (people without accounting degree understand this). People with or without a degree in accounting can effectively use this software. The interface is professional and intuitive. The accounting software itself becomes more understandable (thank god), but QuickBooks must be an industry leader in terms of convenience.

Another great advantage (do not worry, I will turn to drawbacks in a second) of using QuickBooks accounting software is the number of people who know how to use it. If you have a question about how to use it, you definitely know someone who is using it. Asking your friend is better than reading user manual. Even if your friends do not know how to use it, the Internet community is capable of helping you (or just call Intuit – the founder of QuickBooks).

Drawbacks of QuickBooks:

Since QuickBooks was designed to be convenient, it was accessed by angry accountants known as auditors. Auditors like to have everything documented. Their streams of information are known as audits. Whereas QuickBooks can start audit, in some cases it will help the user make changes without leaving a mark. This is sometimes inappropriate for auditors. Even QuickBooks for churches and non-profit organizations has this problem.

Another unfavorable fact on QuickBooks is that it does not have a section for fixed assets. Depending on what you are going to use this software for, this may or may not be crucial. However it may seem strange for accountants. Intuit has released a report which contains the assets of your companies.


Pricing of QuickBooks Pro depends on where and when you are buying it. It currently sells for about $200 if you buy it on Intuit website. Nota Bene: Intuit charges you more if more than one user utilizes the software. They charge nearly $400 for 2 users and around $550 for 3 users. This seems strange for me, but I am sure they have reasons for that.

QuickBooks provides accounting software for churches, businesses, non-profit organization and any other you can think of. It is convenient to use, it is one of the most popular and affordable accounting packages. Another popular domain where QuickBooks can be used is accounting in catering business. Owners of small restaurants can find this tool irreplaceable.

In conclusion, if you have a small company, you probably cannot do with this software. I like to call this type of purchase a “safe” buy and sell. You will not be surprised about what you get, but you will not be disappointed. This software will do what it should and you will have good customer support.

QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Training Sources:

QUICKBOOKS.INTUIT.COM – With Accountant Resources for QuickBooks Online Accountant, you can find in-depth information help, how-tos, answers and support for QuickBooks Online Accountant software.

QBCON2016.COM – QuickBooks Connect 2016 | The QuickBooks Connect conference website for 2016 in San Jose, California. QuickBooks Connect is unlike any event you have ever been to before. Thousands of entrepreneurs, small businesses, accountants and developers unite under one roof to connect, grow & learn from each other.

QUICKBOOKS.INTUIT.COM/BLOG/ – Official QuickBooks updates and new features, expert tips and videos, tshirt and app giveaways!

QUICKBOOKSTRAINING.COM – QuickBooks Online Edition Training – Live Intuit QuickBooks Classes / QuickBooks Online Edition Training – Live Intuit QuickBooks Classes / QuickBooks Training and QuickBooks Classes.

QBOCHAT.COM – QBOchat – A QuickBooks Online User Community.

MEETUP.COM – Find Meetups about Quickbooks and meet people in your local community who share your interests.

If you want to find an alternative to QuickBooks accounting software, read more:

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MYBRIGHTBOOK.COM – Brightbook | Hate Bookkeeping? Love Brightbook. Quickly becoming the worlds most loved Free online bookkeeping system for freelancers, contractors & small businesses.



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