Google Cloud Storage Platform – 2017 | UPDATED

People have invented “clouds” and what is next? It turns out that if you think more down-to-earth, it is easier to find the place for clouds in our reality and improve things in the nearest future. And the efforts of the smartest and the most active can be rewarded…

Developers of Google Cloud Platform have demonstrated the possibilities of such a project. The facilities which held Google I/O conference had hundreds of devices installed, and those devices had sensors of all kinds “on board”. Temperature, level of noise, humidity and quality of air – all these types of data were gathered and anyone was able to watch their changes in real time.

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Sensor network is a new technology which can be useful in logistics, urban planning or designing supplies (of services or devices) for end users. Representatives of Data Sensing Lab at “Google I/O 2013” tried to demonstrate the opportunities of using, for instance, hardware solutions in a combination with Google Cloud Platform in such projects. Such combination “lets off the leash” and can be accessed by anyone, often with minimum costs, anywhere with the Internet access.

The sensor network developed by Data Sensing Lab generated 4000 continuous streams of data through the ZigBee network (mesh network) managed by Device Cloud by Etherios. For that network small panels from Arduino were used to collect some data on the environment parameters. It is clear that the combination of sensors and the number of them can vary according to your objectives as well as the packing density of the very data collection devices. Whether this project will be public or there will be a monetization scheme depends on the developers and their wishes and aims.

Thanks to Google Cloud Platform one can develop different applications, websites, and data storages and analyze data using the Google infrastructure. Google App Engine Datastore and Google Cloud Endpoints allow creating scalable API solutions for the collection of different data types, and Google Compute Engine can be used to process and analyze the data collected. Google BigQuery can tackle terabytes of data, and the sphere of web application development of App Engine can provide the displaying of the information requested.

What does it all give us? We can imagine that Google Cloud Platform will reach out the population and become as popular as Skype, for instance.

There is another variant, we say “thanks” to Google, take the idea of the “cloud” approach and develop the corporate “cloud” or execute some similar solution at municipal level. Imagine how many startups can appear. In pure form there are figures/data on the input and the information on the output.

Let me remind you that “Big Data” is, as analysts think, one of the current trends and the potential direction of making efforts for companies working in the information technology computer markets. Besides that, there have to be plans for the “Internet of Things”.