How Old Am I: Best Microsoft Age Calculator

The person’s age determination and guessing is a frequent corporate game. In that case we start guessing or do an easier thing – simply ask a person how old he or she is. Microsoft has created the service How-Old.Net, with the help of which you can determine the age online by a photograph. Microsoft developers claim that they have created an algorithm which analyzes a person’s face by a photograph and determines his/her approximate age.

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HOW-OLD.NET – How old do I look? The #HowOldRobot guesses how old you look using Machine Learning.



You cannot tell that the service correctly determines the age by a picture, because a margin of error accounts for more or less 5-8 years. And if there is some make-up on a woman’s face, then the service will respond with 20-30 years more than the real age, which will upset her. In simple terms, the service is entertaining so far. But in the near future it can become a reliable system.

It is simple to determine the age by a photograph. All you need is to upload a photo to or find one using the search box on the Internet (here Bing’s or Microsoft’s search algorithm comes into play). You can upload a photo by pressing the “Use your own photo” button, choose the file on your computer, and after a brief analysis the service will respond with the age.

You can upload photographs of celebrities, your friends, relatives and even your own ones.