How To Delete ICloud Account With IPhone And IPad

Hi there, dear readers. In today’s post I will tell you how to quickly delete an iCloud account from your Apple mobile device: iPhone 4S or newer, iPad, or iPod. I would like to precede a lecture with a few words on what an iCloud account is and why it can be deleted.

ICloud is a service developed by Apple, Inc. for users of mobile gadgets: iPhones or tablet computers iPad, and devices on Mac or Windows operating systems.


An iCloud account is usually being deleted when an iPhone or another gadget is being sold. If you do not delete your account from the device, the next owner of your smartphone or tablet will have access to all your files.

Aside from cloud storage, such service is offering other options: Mailbox, Find Your Phone, and Find Your Friends. This service is also offering you to synchronize the media library of your device’s (iPhone 4S or newer, iPad, iPod) iTunes with the cloud storage.

So, let’s proceed to the lecture itself. After the description of the deleting process I have also made a range of essential notes I suggest you read before deleting your iCloud account.

DELETING an iCloud account:

Actually it is very simple to delete an iCloud account; you can do it in a couple of minutes. Make the following actions:

  • In order to delete an account, grab your gadget and go to “Settings”. The “Settings” sign looks like a grey gear, it should be easy to locate it on the screen of your mobile device (iPhone 4S or newer, iPad, iPod);
  • Then, to delete an account, you need to go to “iCloud”;
  • In the opened field you need to scroll down and locate the “Sign Out” button, essentially it means “to delete an account”
  • Now, to successfully complete the deleting process, you need to follow one simple step – press the “Sign Out” button – compatible with iOS newer than 7 (in iOS 7 and older – the “Delete an account” button).


To ensure you do not suffer the loss of data and media files after you have deleted your account, I recommend you make the following steps (if you do not have crucial data on your iOS mobile device, you can ignore the instruction given below):

  • First of all, save all your pictures and photographs from the photo stream (this is a folder which contains all photographs you make) to other folders, for instance in photo albums. The photo stream should be empty or contain unnecessary images on your device (iPhone 4S or newer, iPad, iPod), since after an account is deleted, all files will be erased permanently;
  • If you use iWork, all documents you have created in the application will be deleted permanently after you delete your iCloud account. Therefore I suggest you save all essential documents on your computer;
  • It sometimes happens that some SMS messages disappear after a deletion of an account. This should not happen, however, we recommend backing up the whole archive your messages. But, if you do not store essential information in your messages, you will not suffer much if they disappear;
  • I recommend you do the same thing with the media library on your mobile device. Back up all your videos in order to save them and not lose upon the deletion of your iCloud account;
  • After a deletion you can lose all your notes and calendar events;

That is all for today; I firmly hope this small educational material was useful for you and you were able to successfully delete your iCloud account on your gadget (iPhone 4S or newer, iPad, iPod).