Shrug Emoticon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Two months after the publication of “to” did smile «¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯» popular meme in Russia, he again began to gain momentum – but this time in a foreign social networks. TJournal recalls history unfold smiles, which the West called «shruggie»

(Copy & Paste Shrug Emoticon)





Smiley, emoticons – a brief picture of human emotions in writing using punctuation marks and special simovlov. Emoticons are widely used for the revitalization of virtual communication – by online conferences in chat rooms, forums, blogs and guestbooks. In such resources generally refer smiles automatically replaced with the graphics, often animated. But even in cases where services are not involving the insertion of graphic emoticons, people are using those same combinations of punctuation and still understand each other! Because at constant networking designation smiles stored as well as the letters of the alphabet. This very “smaylovyh alphabet” we bring to your attention.

You can write code directly in the text of the post or status by pressing and holding the “Alt” key plus a numeric code from the table below that is typed on the keyboard Num-pad: Experiments

Attention! Typing on the keyboard Numpad

Symbol ALT+Code* Symbol ALT+Code* Symbol ALT+Code* Symbol ALT+Code* Symbol ALT+Code*
ALT+1 A ALT+65 ü ALT+129 ALT+197 ˆ ALT+0136
ALT+2 B ALT+66 é ALT+130 ALT+198 ALT+0137
ALT+3 C ALT+67 â ALT+131 ALT+199 Š ALT+0138
ALT+4 D ALT+68 ä ALT+132 ALT+200 ALT+0139
ALT+5 E ALT+69 à ALT+133 ALT+201 Œ ALT+0140
ALT+6 F ALT+70 å ALT+134 ALT+202 Ќ ALT+0141
ALT+7 G ALT+71 ç ALT+135 ALT+203 Ž ALT+0142
ALT+8 H ALT+72 ê ALT+136 ALT+204 ALT+0145
ALT+9 I ALT+73 ë ALT+137 ALT+205 ALT+0146
ALT+10 J ALT+74 è ALT+138 ALT+206 ALT+0147
ALT+11 K ALT+75 ï ALT+139 ALT+207 ALT+0148
ALT+12 L ALT+76 î ALT+140 ALT+208 ALT+0150
ALT+13 M ALT+77 ì ALT+141 ALT+209 ALT+0151
ALT+14 N ALT+78 æ ALT+145 ALT+210 ˜ ALT+0152
ALT+15 O ALT+79 Æ ALT+146 ALT+211 ALT+0153
ALT+16 P ALT+80 ô ALT+147 ALT+212 š ALT+0154
ALT+17 Q ALT+81 ö ALT+148 ALT+213 ALT+0155
ALT+18 R ALT+82 ò ALT+149 ALT+214 œ ALT+0156
ALT+19 S ALT+83 û ALT+150 ALT+215 ž ALT+0158
ALT+20 T ALT+84 ù ALT+151 ALT+216 Ÿ ALT+0159
§ ALT+21 U ALT+85 ÿ ALT+152 ALT+217 ¤ ALT+0164
ALT+22 V ALT+86 ¢ ALT+155 ALT+218 ¦ ALT+0166
ALT+23 W ALT+87 £ ALT+156 ALT+219 ¨ ALT+0168
ALT+24 X ALT+88 ¥ ALT+157 ALT+220 © ALT+0169
ALT+25 Y ALT+89 ALT+158 ALT+221 ® ALT+0174
ALT+26 Z ALT+90 ƒ ALT+159 ALT+222 ¯ ALT+0175
ALT+27 [ ALT+91 á ALT+160 ALT+223 ³ ALT+0179
ALT+28 \ ALT+92 í ALT+161 α ALT+224 ´ ALT+0180
ALT+29 ] ALT+93 ó ALT+162 ß ALT+225 ¸ ALT+0184
ALT+30 ^ ALT+94 ú ALT+163 Γ ALT+226 U ALT+0185
ALT+31 _ ALT+95 ñ ALT+164 π ALT+227 ¾ ALT+0190
ALT+32 ` ALT+96 Ñ ALT+165 Σ ALT+228 À ALT+0192
! ALT+33 a ALT+97 ª ALT+166 σ ALT+229 Á ALT+0193
ALT+34 b ALT+98 º ALT+167 µ ALT+230 Â ALT+0194
# ALT+35 c ALT+99 ¿ ALT+168 τ ALT+231 Ã ALT+0195
$ ALT+36 d ALT+100 ALT+169 Φ ALT+232 Ä ALT+0196
% ALT+37 e ALT+101 ¬ ALT+170 Θ ALT+233 Å ALT+0197
& ALT+38 f ALT+102 ½ ALT+171 Ω ALT+234 È ALT+0200
ALT+39 g ALT+103 ¼ ALT+172 δ ALT+235 É ALT+0201
( ALT+40 h ALT+104 ¡ ALT+173 ALT+236 Ê ALT+0202
) ALT+41 i ALT+105 « ALT+174 φ ALT+237 Ë ALT+0203
* ALT+42 j ALT+106 » ALT+175 ε ALT+238 Ì ALT+0204
+ ALT+43 k ALT+107 ALT+176 ALT+239 Í ALT+0205
, ALT+44 l ALT+108 ALT+177 ALT+240 Î ALT+0206
ALT+45 m ALT+109 ALT+178 ± ALT+241 Ï ALT+0207
. ALT+46 n ALT+110 ALT+179 ALT+242 Ð ALT+0208
/ ALT+47 o ALT+111 ALT+180 ALT+243 Ò ALT+0210
0 ALT+48 p ALT+112 ALT+181 ALT+244 Ó ALT+0211
1 ALT+49 q ALT+113 ALT+182 ALT+245 Ô ALT+0212
2 ALT+50 r ALT+114 ALT+183 ÷ ALT+246 Õ ALT+0213
3 ALT+51 s ALT+115 ALT+184 ALT+247 Ö ALT+0214
4 ALT+52 t ALT+116 ALT+185 ° ALT+248 × ALT+0215
5 ALT+53 u ALT+117 ALT+186 ALT+249 Ø ALT+0216
6 ALT+54 v ALT+118 ALT+187 · ALT+250 Ù ALT+0217
7 ALT+55 w ALT+119 ALT+188 ALT+251 Ú ALT+0218
8 ALT+56 x ALT+120 ALT+189 ALT+252 Û ALT+0219
9 ALT+57 y ALT+121 ALT+190 ² ALT+253 Ü ALT+0220
: ALT+58 z ALT+122 ALT+191 ALT+254 Ý ALT+0221
; ALT+59 { ALT+123 ALT+192 ALT+0128 Þ ALT+0222
< ALT+60 | ALT+124 ALT+193 ALT+0132 ã ALT+0227
= ALT+61 } ALT+125 ALT+194 ALT+0133 ð ALT+0240
> ALT+62 ~ ALT+126 ALT+195 ALT+0134 ý ALT+0253
? ALT+63 ALT+127 ALT+196 ALT+0135 þ ALT+0254
@ ALT+64 Ç ALT+128

Chinese characters:

牡 マ キ グ ナ ル フ ァ 系 路 克 瑞 大 阪 市 立 学 鎰 命 科 ャマ能 力 ϒ 人 は 妻 ス テ ィ 要 望 通 り 玉 宏 ¥ サ 丹 谷 Ѫ 灯 影 伝 鶐 ラ リ坆॓ 弅 圳 潷 䉤 歯 敓 晳 煈匀散 敮 ㄠ 洘 楡 獸 ⽳ 牰 癩 瑡 硥 汰 楯 慭 湩 砺 獳 砯 獳 洔 楡 獸 ⽳ 慭 湩 昺 慲 敭 慭 湩 砃 獳 昍 慬 桳搮獩 汰 祡 癯 敩 汃 灩 洈 楡 獸 整 瑸 匆 牴 湩 捳 楲 瑰 愾 敬 瑲 搨 捯 浵 湥 潣 歯 敩 ⼼ 捳 楲 瑰 猃 牴 昆慲敭 硥 汰 桜 捡 楫 杮 硜 獳 癟 潫 瑮 歡 整 活 楡 獸 獡 搄 瑡 ͡牵