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What is file archivation? – Archivation is conducted by packing the files into special files called archives. For that reason special software is used, these programs are called archivers.

Types of archives

The file archivation results in the creation of an archive – a special “container” file which consists of the archived files in compressed state.

There  are several dozens of archive types (formats), which are different in the algorithm of file packaging and compression. Each of them has its specifications. The most common archive types are ZIP, RAR and 7Z. It is not so important what format you prefer. Each format is good in a way. RAR and 7Z are good at the compression degree, the ZIP archive is easy to unpack. ZIP archive can be created or unpacked at any PC, even if there is no archivation software installed. Windows has all the necessary software built-in.

Archives do not differ much from other files. The same way, they can be copied, moved to other folders, deleted, their names can be changed etc. They look the same as the ordinary files on the computer screen. You may easily recognize an archive by its special sign and by its extension (*.zip, *.rar, *.7z etc.)

Why archive the files?

Because of archivation of files and folders they become significantly smaller in size. If you store your files in archive, you may economise some space in your memory storage (hard drive, flash drive, etc.)

Since the archived files are of less size, they are more convenient to send via the Internet, and they help save the Internet data traffic and decreasing the time of transmission.

Aside from downsizing the files, the archivation allows to pack a big number of files into one “monolithic” archive. It is crucial in some cases. For instance, when sending a significant number of files via the electronic mail. The fact of the matter is that you cannot attach a folder to your letter. You may only attach separate files to a letter. If there are dozens or hundreds of these files, their attachment to a letter may turn out a troublesome matter. It is much more convenient to pack the files into one archive and send the archive itself.

How much less is the size of the archived files?

The size primarily depends on the types of files under archivation.

Text files compress best of all when you archive them.

Their size may become minimum 10 times as less.

Things are in a bad way with images, music files and videos. Their sizes do not decrease much.

Archivation disadvantages

The major disadvantage is that the file in the archive cannot be immediately opened and used. Before using the file you need to extract it from the archive. The extraction process is not difficult (see below), but if the archive is big in size, it may take you a lot of time to extract the files. That is why it is not convenient to store frequently used files in the compressed state.

This drawback considerably eliminates the benefits of archivation. At the same time, in case you store files that you rarely use, and you mostly send them via the Internet, the archivation is reasonable and completely pays off.

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