300 Best Free Services – 2017 | UPDATED

A. Free website logo + + + Hosting billing

I. Free generators names of business / project

C. Blogging

D. Search of interesting content / ideas

E. Free SEO + website analysis

F. Free optimizers images

  • TinyJPG | TinyPNG Compress the image.
  • Kraken: Optimize image and increase the speed of the web site.
  • ImageOptimizer: Resize, compress and optimize your image.
  • ImageOptim: It makes so that images take up less space and fast shipping.
  • Smush.it: WordPress plugins to optimize images.

G. Free image editors

H. Assembling and sending email

I. Free social media community management + + survey

  • WriteRack: Help in blogging on Twitter.
  • Spruce: Optimizing images for Twitter.
  • Click To Tweet: Click to Tweet.
  • MyTweetLinks: Increase your traffic on Twitter.
  • Latergram: Plan and schedule publications in Instagram.
  • WordPress Pin it Button for Images: Adding buttons “Pin It”.
  • SharedCount: Accounting likes, tweets, etc.
  • Justunfollow: Subscribe and unsubscribe from people on Twitter and Instagram.
  • SocialRank: Identify, organize and manage your subscribers on Twitter.
  • Klout: Immediately tell your friends about the article with the help of extensions for the browser.
  • Ritetag: Instant analysis hashtag.
  • Social Analytics: Analysis of any page in terms of the social platforms (the number of likes, etc.).
  • Riffle: Complete profile and information about any user Twitter.
  • Buffer Free Plan: Will be published in Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+.
  • Bitly: Create, share and keep a record of short links.
  • Flament: Create beautiful strips with buttons of social networks.
  • Addthis: Adding the buttons of social networks.
  • Sumome Share: Automatic optimization of the buttons “Share.”
  • Digg Digg: A single plug-in for all the buttons of social networks.
  • Disqus: Build an active community of readers and commentators.
  • Typeform: Free online surveys and forms designer.
  • Tally: Instantly create polls.

J. A / B testing tools and growth

Design + Code

A. Sources of free design

B. Choice of color

C. Inspiration

D. Free Stock Photos

E. Free Typography

F. Free Icons

G. Other free tools

Make discoveries and learn

A. To learn new tools and start-ups

B. Build together

  • Assembly: Create new ideas with other people.
  • CoFoundersLab: Search co-founder starptapa in any city, any industry.
  • Founder2be: Search for your co-founder of a startup.

C. Learn

D. Useful email mailing list