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Anime Sites – this animation created in Japan around 1917. Initially, they were short films ranging in length from one to five minutes. The very first Japanese animated film is considered “The new album of sketches” (“Sin Dekoboko Gatё”, 1917) Dekotena Shimokawa. He chalked on a blackboard, and shot their pictures on film. Already in the 1920s, the usual length animated film in Japan reached 15 minutes. Almost all the then animation was done in the tiny home studio artists alone and funded cinema and film distribution companies in exchange for the right to hire. Due to lack of funding, the animators had to compensate for the amount of quality, not being able to for several years engaged in the production of the film.
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Japanese animation is significantly different from the American one. This is due primarily to the different cultural traditions of graphics and story. In the anime does not feel the musical tradition as in American films, but on the contrary – are still significantly worse, and the plot – dramatic.

The creators of the anime are less prone to technical experimentation than animators of other countries, but paying much attention to the creation of attractive and interesting images of the characters, the development of the plot. So designers in the anime are considered more important than a lot of animators.

The main feature that distinguishes the manga and anime from their Western counterparts – the development of symbolic and graphical language that allows quite a few strokes to convey complex emotions and express the character of the hero. The main feature which distinguishes Japanese anime from the rest – it’s large, expressive eyes of the characters.

Even in the VIII century in Japan have formed ideas about male and female beauty. In contrast to the Russian (Slavic countries), in the culture which praised the beauty of masculine (article, health, ruddy face, and so on) in Japan poeticize feminine beauty – delicate features, long beautiful hair, a thin, frail figure, large expressive eyes.

Initially large, “glowing” eyes of characters with big eyelashes appeared in shoujo manga, as they have traditionally been in the East beautiful.

Eyes – is the central object of the character’s face in the Japanese aesthetics, which symbolizes the readiness of the character to the perception and contemplation. The proportionally smaller eyes of the character, the less he has developed these abilities, so the “big eyes” – is always a sign of youth.

Best 10+ sites for watching anime online 2017:

ANIMEJOY.TV – Watching Anime Online. Watching Anime Online in high quality and for Free! Watching your favorite anime in HD.



ANIMESHOW.TV – Watch Anime – AnimeShow. Watch high quality episodes of all popular anime series, updated every hour with the best English subtitles right here on



SOUL-ANIME.EU – Watch anime shows for free – Soul-Anime.



WATCH-ANIME.NET – Watch Anime | Watch subbed/dubbed anime series online.



CHIA-ANIME.TV – Watch Anime Online in High Quality | Chia-Anime.TV. Watch anime in high definition online, latest anime episodes with various formats such a 360p up to 1080p.



RYUANIME.COM – RyuAnime: Dubbed Anime / Subbed Anime – Watch Anime Online. Watch Dubbed Anime / Subbed Anime Online in HD at RyuAnime! Over 40,000 Episodes, and 2,000 Anime Series!



ANILINKZ.TV – Watch Anime Online | AniLinkz Streaming Anime Episodes. Watch anime online your favorite anime series stream for free with the large database of Streaming Anime Episodes.



GOGOANIME.TO – (.to) | Largest Free Anime Site. Watch anime online in English. You can watch free series and movies online and English subtitle.



ANIME-PLANET.COM – Anime Recommendations, Reviews, Manga and More! | Anime-Planet. Anime and manga recommendations, reviews and more! Keep track of what you’ve seen in your own anime and manga list and make new friends.



MOETUBE.NET – MoeTube: Watch anime online in HD for free. Watch anime online and download your favorite shows in HD at blazing speeds with no throttling, no peers, and no hassle.




Code-anime – anime, designed for children.

Shounen anime – anime, designed for the older boys and young men (from 12 to 16-18 years).

Shoujo anime – anime, designed for older girls and women (from 12 to 16-18 years).

Seinen anime – anime for young men.

Jo-anime – anime, designed for young women.

TV series – a serial anime, intended for display on TV.

TV Movie – neserialnoe anime, designed for display on TV.

OAV / OVA – Anime, created especially for the production of a video (Original Animation Video). It happens as a serial (usually) and a single. Currently, the standard length of OAV – 23-25 minutes, in the 1980s and in the early 1990s and there were hours and longer OAV.

Feature films – anime, designed to be shown in cinemas. Rarely shorter than 50 minutes, the usual length – from 60 to 90 minutes.

Short film – Anime intended for theatrical release. In brief 30 minutes, so it is always demonstrated together with other such movies.


Tale – a genre code, anime film adaptation of the classic fairy tales.

Comedy – a kind of anime, the main thing for them – the humor: parody, sitcoms, and stunt verbal jokes.

History – a kind of anime, the effect of which is associated with certain real historical events.

Drama – quite rare for the anime genre of dramatic, tragic story. The main feature – the lack of pronounced “happy ending.”

Science Fiction (SF) – anime, action is related to the existence and use of technology that did not exist at the time of this anime (interstellar spacecraft, blasters, etc.) Usually anime SF outlines possible future history of mankind, it is often linked stories contacts with aliens.

Space Opera – a kind of sci-fi anime, concentrating on wars taking place with the active use of the spacecraft.

Fur – complex mechanisms usually propelled with no real prototypes (ie, invented specifically for this project). Usually, this term means “giant robots” chelovekoupravlyaemye huge war machines. Genre “fur” is characterized by the active use of fur.

Sentay – literally “a group / team,” the anime genre, telling the adventures of a small permanent team of characters struggling with anyone or anything.

Fur-sentay – the same as the sentay, but the team of characters while piloting one or more fur.

Magical girl – “girls sorceress” genre shoujo anime that tells the adventures of girls, endowed with magical powers. It focuses on the problems of growing up female.

Spokon – anime genre, tells about the young athletes to achieve success by fostering a will to win. Combining the words “sport” and “kondzё” (“guts”).

Cyberpunk – anime genre, telling about the world of the future, whose life is totally determined by computer technology. Pictures of the future at the same time looks bleak and anti-utopian.

Steampunk – a genre of anime, telling about our alternative worlds that are at the level of technological development, appropriate Europe at the end of the XIX century. This period is characterized by the beginning of the revolution of means of transportation – the appearance of airships, airplanes, locomotives and ships. Technology, however, is still perceived by ordinary people, not as something familiar and commonplace, but as something wonderful and often demonic. Steampunk cyberpunk emerged as an alternative. If cyberpunk is usually based on a futuristic aesthetic, the steampunk – on the aesthetics of a retro.

Fantasy – Anime telling about worlds that are not ruled by technology (in SF) and “sword and magic.” In the fantasy often appear not only people, but also a variety of mythological creatures – elves, dwarves, dragons, werewolves cat people and gods and demons.

Travel between worlds – a kind of anime in which the main character or characters travel between parallel worlds – usually between the world of modern Japan and the fantasy world.

Mystic – anime genre, the effect of which is associated with the interaction of people and a variety of mysterious forces. The latter do not lend themselves to unequivocal scientific description of the differences between, say, magic fantasy. The relationship with them is usually associated with a variety of moral issues.

Parapsychology – anime genre, the effect of which is associated with parapsychic force (telepathy, telekinesis, hypnosis).

Apocalyptica – a kind of anime, telling the doomsday.

Postapokaliptika – a kind of anime, telling about life after a global catastrophe – the Doomsday.

Romance – Anime, telling the love conflicts.

The soap opera – a genre of romantic shoujo anime, concentrating on presenting complex and intricate love stories.

School soap opera – a kind of soap opera, describes a love story schoolchildren.

Daily life – anime, describing the daily lives of ordinary Japanese people (usually – middle class) with all its joys and troubles.

Social film or TV series – anime, lifting the burning problems of modern society.

A psychological thriller – a genre of anime, telling the “adventures of the human soul.” Getting in unusual situations, the characters of the anime are experiencing complex and unpredictable psychological changes.

Action – a genre Shounen anime, the effect of which is associated with militant opposition.

Samurai action film – a genre of historical Shounen anime, the effect of which is related to the wars of the samurai and ninja.

Detective – a kind of anime, the effect of which is related to the investigation of crimes.

Detective School – Shounen anime genre, in which students conduct investigations.

Police thriller – a genre Shounen anime, describing the police action on the identification of criminals and arrest them.

Martial arts – anime genre, the plot of which is connected to the confrontation of different martial arts masters.

Dobutsu – “Fluffy” anime about humanoid “furry” creatures.

Idols – anime, the effect of which is associated with pop stars and music business.

Otaku – a kind of anime, with links to the activities of anime fans.

Hentai – er…ic anime. Read more in the article “What is a hentai?”.

Yaoi – a genre of shoujo anime telling about male homosexual relations. Read more in the article “What is yaoi and yuri?”.

Yuri – a genre shoujo anime telling about female homosexual relationships.

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