Top 50 Best Flash Sites 2017 | UPDATED

In this collection you can see the creative and inspirational Flash sites. Such sites do not cease to amaze with their creative ideas and transform them into reality, as the power of Flash are almost limitless. With it, you can create anything you like – insert action-script, animation, video, an interactive design, or even a game. Flash really have a huge opportunity.

Top 50 Best Flash Sites:

Saizen Media – digital pictures and animation – fantastic spectacle!

DrawingArt – On their website a huge amount of creative works and animated designs.

Section Seven – Be sure to check the site of the studio. There you will find an elegant and creative approach to the creation of the portfolio – it surely you will enjoy.

Semisture Webdesign – Very creative and full of animation design, interesting preloader with Flash animation and moving lines at boot partition.

Fl-2 Interactive – Typography on the site when the mouse changes the color.

Lecaid Design

Esj * Com * AU – A site with a portfolio on the stickers.

Recom CGI – Excellent effects of downloading images, text and animation when loading pages – look just fine!

Millice – Cyril Louis – Elegant and easy website with stylish illustrations and animations.

10 HYPR – Interactive and Creative Design Studio – It is very interactive and unique approach of creating Flash website.

11 TwistCube – Many rotating squares navigation and neat, elegant design.

12 Go For Change – Interactive and creative website design, with a very unusual approach.

13 John Wright Photo – Clean, neat and professional website design photos. The site looks very harmonious and elegant.

14 Timothy Hogan Photography – This is another great example of the design for the site with photos. Here you can view them in full screen and leave the rest in the shade. On the site you can see all the quality work of the photographer.

15 LS5 Design – Their website with lots of animation, stylish preloader and images on the entire screen.

16 SoyTuaire Labuat – This site is striking in its interactivity, unusual and wonderful little design as well as a sense of inspiration when you view it!

17 Matthias Dittrich  – Excellent interactive 3D animation, control the mouse.

18 Museum of Science and Industry – Funny preloader on this site – make you smile. :) And an interesting and fun game will lift your mood.

19 Parasol Island – Film Animation Interactive – The company specializes in film animation, test your skills, not only in web design.

20 Unouplus – Web designer and art director and Flash website with an unusual design and remarkable animation.

21 MultiAdaptor: Branding & Identify Systems – Colorful bright site with easy animation changing its colors after a certain time.

22 Chemical Box – Fancy animations enable screenshots “survive” when you hover the mouse over them.

23 Hello Monday – This site was awarded the highest awards and accolades! In 2008, he became one of the best websites of the year. When the mouse cursor – screenshots work get coloring. After clicking on the screenshot, you can move it by using the same-mouse.

24 Blanc Fonce – Neat and elegant Flash web site!

25 2Advanced Studios – On this website you can see a huge amount of digital animation. Each of its sections offers you the works of art created by talented designers. Their talent is evident at every turn.

26 Magnetic North – Another award-winning website. Paint and see what offers this website.

27 In2Media – Excellent color schemes, animated backgrounds, preloader and typography.

28 Cartelle – Very inspiring and amazing site! The works presented on the site affect its creative ideas and style.

29 Progetty – Crazy and unusual design, as well as many stunning works of studio designers.

30 Narrow Design – A good approach is to display the navigation projects in the upright position.

31 Yodabaz – Great design created with 3D text to navigate on the animated background, where everything moves while the author himself, creating the effect of presence.

32 Aiala Garcia – Bright colors and excellent effect of scrolling, displaying all the projects have already started, and everything else on one page.

33 PMA – Projects – Impressive 3D effect created using images of finished projects, located on the background of this site. And of course the same great animation.

34 Mcinen – Clean and elegant site design company.

35 Nvidia Speak Visual – This site is full of great effects, each section of the site is unusual and brings not only information, but also a lot of animation.

36 Okay Dave – Dave Werner – The unique site on the home page of which is located card performs navigation functions.

37 Michael Kelley – Simple and neat portfolio site with a photographer.

38 Maven Interactive – Excellent page with a portfolio but also the site itself deserves attention.

39 Unit 9 – The Creative Mind – Simply stunning illustrated with a huge amount of animation!

40 CreakTif! – The site is built in the image of unusual homes, each animated windows that leads to divisions.

41 Experience 159 – Alfa Romeo – Creative Flash site created for Alfa Romeo.

42 NikeLab – Almost every large company has a great and memorable site, Nike – is no exception.

43 Morris Code – Unusual site created from elements of the paper, texts and drawings.

44 CocaCola Zero – Coca-Cola may not be the most well-liked drink, but their sites are fascinating. This stunning site definitely deserves the attention of every one of us!

45 CocaCola Hapiness Factory – You’ve probably seen a creative video ads with these fun monsters. This original site was created as an interactive game with them.

46 Living Sasquatch – Unusual animated preloader.

47 Comcast Town – This site – a stunning 3D inspiration for illustrator. For its creation has done a great job.

48 MadeForEachOther – Interactive illustrations and animation design.

49 Feed Your Ego – On this site you will find stylish and interesting games, which you can customize yourself.

50 BePop Jeans – Nice looking stylish website. In creating his design used a lot of vector illustration and animation effects.

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