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Public proxy server can be used by any application that supports the proxy server. A proxy server is an easy way to hide your true IP address, but does not always do it anonymously! All proxies in our database are checked for validity every 1 minutes online. 24 hours and 365 days a year. All proxy server is an open proxy server and third parties are created for public use. We do not control and are not ruchaemsya for the safety of their use. Their use goes at your own RISK. To ensure encrypted, anonymous surfing on the Internet, use our VPN servers that are reliable and fast.

Best Free Proxy Server Sites:

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Why do you need a proxy server

Proxy (from the English. Proxy – «representative authorized”) – service in computer networks, allowing customers to perform indirect requests to other network services. First, the client connects to the proxy server and requests a resource (eg, a file) located on another server. Then the proxy server either connects to the specified server and obtains the resource from it or returns the resource from its own cache (in case if the proxy has its own cache). In some cases, the customer’s request or the server’s response can be modified by the proxy server for specific purposes

Proxy Server – an intermediate computer, which is a mediator (“proxy” – the mediator) between your computer and the Internet. Through it pass all your messages on the Internet. Proxy processes them, and the results (files downloaded from the Internet) to You.

Proxy-server much. He is able to:

speed up your work with the Internet;
make your online experience anoninym;
allowed to enter the chat, even if you are blocked;
help to see the sites, which closed access your system administrator;
and much more.
Classification of the proxy:
There are several types of proxy servers. Each type of proxy for its own purpose, but they have much in common, their capabilities are very similar.
HTTP proxy

This is the most common type of proxy server and let a “proxy”, they mean it was his. Before using this type of proxy you can only view web pages and pictures, download files. Now, new versions of software (ICQ, etc.) are able to work through a HTTP proxy. With this type of proxy can work, and all versions of browsers.
Socks proxy

These proxy servers are able to work with virtually any type of information on the Internet (protocol TCP / IP), but their use in the program must be clearly indicated the possibility of working with socks proxy. To use the socks proxy in the browser requires additional software (browsers do not know how to work through the socks proxy). However, any version of ICQ (and many other popular programs) can work perfectly through the socks proxy. Finally note that while working with socks proxy is necessary to specify its version: socks 4 or socks 5.
CGI proxy (anonymizer)

With this type of proxy server can be run only through the browser. In other programs, their use is difficult (and not necessary – there is HTTP proxy). However, as this type proxy is initially designed for operation through a browser, just use them exclusively. You will easily be able to not only use anonymizer in their work, but no problem to build a chain of CGI proxy.
FTP proxy

This type of proxy server separate from the corporate network is quite rare. Usually its use due to the fact that the organization has Firewall (Protect your computer from intrusion), which prevents direct access to the Internet. Using this type of proxy is provided in many popular file managers (FAR, Windows Commander), download managers (GetRight, ReGet, …) and in browsers.
This type of proxy is highly specialized and is designed to work only with FTP servers.

How to determine the type of proxy?
First of all, to separate these types of proxy servers from each other in essence:

HTTP proxy – it is a “normal” proxy server, which is the most common. Use this proxy you can configure your browser and many other programs (programs should be provided for the use of proxy servers, unless you specify the type of proxy, this HTTP proxy).
SOCKS proxy – with this type of proxy servers, browsers are not able to work, but many popular programs include the use of this type of proxy server (such as ICQ). If the program requires such proxy, type of proxy server (SOCKS) is always indicated, and are almost always required to specify the subtype (version) SOCKS proxy servers: SOCKS 4 or SOCKS 5 (sometimes SOCKS 4a).
Anonymizer (CGI proxy) – is a web-page address that you type in the address bar, the browser (eg You do not need to change any settings, programs, configure the browser, etc. – Simply open the web page. Other programs (other than browsers) in 99.9% of cases, do not know how to use anonymizer.

Now about the “outside” the differences between these types of proxy servers:

Since the CGI proxy – this web-page, the address of the proxy starts with http: // or https: // and contains the path to the web page (eg Anonymizer (usually) does not have a port number;
HTTP and SOCKS proxy – composed of name server (host) and port number, which are separated by a colon (usually) or a space:
SOCKS proxy – in 90% of cases have a port number 1080, 1081, or equivalent;
HTTP proxy – in 90% of cases have port 80, 8080, or 3128 81;
In addition, determine the type of proxy server, you can, using any proxy checker-th: check proxy, first one and then to another type (HTTP / SOCKS). In 99.999% of the HTTP proxy or a SOCKS (although it can be both at the same time);
HTTPS proxy: this type of proxy servers is one of the subspecies of HTTP, so it can be identified, checked only by a proxy checker-ohm.

What is different about free proxy server from Pay?

Benefits paid proxy servers

You choose your preferred server on the characteristics (such as server response time, performance, caching efficiency, anonymity, etc.);
You can select a proxy server any desired country and you do not think about that proxy soon “die” and you have to look for a new one;
The server is stable – in the case of malfunction, you can file their claims.

Disadvantages paid proxy servers

You have to pay money (monthly fee) for the services provided; In addition, you pay for the amount of downloaded information (traffic charges);
Although the work of paid proxy-server is stable, it also may not function properly. This is especially disappointing – because the money paid;
Paid proxy server is, by definition, can not be absolutely anonymous – just to get to your proxy, and then contact the organization that gives you a paid proxy server. Admittedly this is only available to organizations such as the FSB and the CIA (and perhaps other);
Although paid proxy servers, of course, can be arranged in the chain (after all, you can choose the server, when you buy the service), but it is unlikely you can afford to pay for a chain of say 5 proxy servers;
Difficult (if not impossible) to switch between different proxy servers – unless of course you do not pay more proxy.

The benefits of free proxy servers

Of course the fact that their service is absolutely free;
You can easily use multiple proxy servers – if you do not start the chat, including the use of proxy – and forward;
According to its characteristics (speed, response time, etc.) Free proxies can not yield to his fellow paid;
If your proxy server is anonymous, you will be much more difficult to keep track of the network (for example, to attack);
You can build a proxy server in the chain, it will boost your anonymity (and note likely to dramatically lower data rate with the Internet);

Disadvantages of free proxy servers

Since the service is free, the quality in 99% of cases leaves much to be desired: a low speed, constant crashes, and etc. etc .;
There are practically no long-running free proxy. As a rule, after some time, they either go to the status of paid or stop working;
Many proxy servers are not anonymous – their whole operation boils down to the meaning of caching information from Internet;
Some free proxy by themselves are not safe (!) Example: when you connect to some proxy servers themselves proxies can try to connect to you – a variety of purposes, such as to hack your computer and make it a regular “proxy”;
It is difficult to find a suitable proxy server you free. Lists of free proxy 70% repeat each other, more than 90% of these lists are outdated (many proxies in them – outside).

So, Now i hope these proxy server list will help you to browse your favorite website from anywhere easily. However if you want more security and faster internet access than use any VPN service because its more reliable than public proxy site list. if you know any other best free proxy websites please share in below comment box so i will added those sites in to this list.

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