Asus ME372CG Lost IMEI Fix ( REPAIR )

For people had “IMEI lost“. You’re rescued now. IMEI will be restored follow these steps: How to restore IMEI for ME372CG when not registered with Network Provider

1. Download 3 files from link to your laptop or PC with 32 bit OS,…&usp=drive_web

2. Copy file ME372CG_all_TW_eng_T3.0.10.raw to SD card
This is TW rom but you can use it for WW FP

3. Shut down FP. Power + Volume up to bring your FP to Droidboot.

4. Choose Factory reset.Wait for it to reset. (Not force to do this step but recommend)

5. When it boot up. Do step 3 again to Droidboot.

6. Choose SD download,Wait for 5-10 minutes to flash rom ME372CG_all_TW_eng_T3.0.10.raw.
7. Connect FP to laptop Win 7 32 bit .Install driver ADB via CDC from file USB driver.rar which downloaded above.

8. Your laptop: My Computer -> Manage -> Device Manager -> Ports (COM & LPT) will show Intel Android Virtual Com Port (COMx), remember COM x to be used in next step

9. Unzip file Only_ME372CG_Rewrite_IMEI_E0924.rar download .Run file Rewrite_IMEI_Lock.bat, wait for FP reboot and put information COMx and your IMEI(can see on the back of your FP or retail box). IMEI will be rewrite.

10. After that,can put SIM to test. Make sure it can call OK.

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