Best 7+ Free Legal Google Play Store Alternative – 2017 | UPDATED

In March 2014, Google Play, which replaced Android Market online store back in 2008, had turned two. This is the major source of applications on Android mobile devices, but it is not the only one. There are several other platforms not connected with Google, where you can download all sorts of programs for this operational system without a dread of getting a virus on your device.

Unlike Apple, which completely bans downloading the official iOS applications from other sources aside from the App Store (we are not talking about the jailbroken devices), Google decided to make a concession – probably to make Android more popular. Yes, by default all devices only can install applications from the official Google Play store, but this blockage is switched off easily.

Apple’s attitude is well-known and understood. In order to enter the App Store, an application must be tested by the company specialists concerning some formal requirements of a source code and usability as well as the company ethical code, and after an application had been approved, it can sell in the official store. This is an effective way to filter out incomplete and malicious applications which might infect the system with worms and destroy it; moreover, this is a good way to pursue a policy of accepting the applications without letting non-PC and explicit apps.

Google’s attitude is more liberal, it is supposed there that a user has the right to choose which applications to install from any desired source and be responsible for their content and the way people utilize those applications as well as for a subsequent working capacity of a device. However, many people who know there is a possibility to avoid Google Play when installing applications prefer not to take a risk, even though in reality Google Play applications do not get tested much as they do in the App Store. You may only remember a scandal of March 2011 when there were 45 different Trojan programs detected on the Android Market website. And even though Google has promised to detect the virus-bearing applications, there is no guarantee that there will be no malware on Google Play.

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Having become the most widespread operational system, Android has become the most attacked one. Active users surely encountered that some installed applications do not perform the declared functions, and also they try to get the access to all crucial system capabilities. That is why many people are afraid to download the mobile software from random sources.

However, there are several fully functional and pretty safe alternatives to Google Play, where the deliberately infected code just cannot get in. The range is not wide as opposed to Google Play, where there are more than 900000 items, but even in such stores you can find not hyped up but some worthy programs which usually get lost in the shadow of bestsellers with millions of downloads.

1. Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore

The first and the most obvious alternative to Google Play is certainly the Amazon Appstore — probably, its major rival. Along with that, the Amazon Appstore is being installed on Kindle Fire HD electronic books by default, and these books, as you know, work with Android 4 with the modified user interface..

To access Amazon Appstore from other Android devices you need to install the application. The Appstore interface is user-friendly. After touching the “A” letter in the left-hand corner there is a menu with different application categories. There are search opportunities and several sorting types — the exact match, a newness, average user grade and a price. As in Google Play, you may see the reviews in every app as well as other recommended programs.

2. «Yandex.Store»



Another big application store (more than 100 000 items) for Android is “Yandex.Store” which is especially valuable since it is made by the Russian developers, it has the Russian-language interface and you may pay for applications using your cell phone account or your “Yandex.Money” account.

The application announcement procedure on “Yandex.Store” is similar to Google’s one: a developer uploads their product to a website where an application gets checked by Kaspersky Antivirus.

The “Yandex.Store” interface looks like that of Google Play and has all the ordinary features: program description cards, user reviews, and recommendations. To download a software you need an account on Yandex.

3. F-Droid



The F-Droid library only consists of the free applications with the open source code, and, unlike Google Play, there are no viruses and other malicious functions guaranteed in the downloaded software. Following the F-Droid Terms of Use, all developers must upload the source codes of all the marketed applications on the website. As a result, the F-Droid employees have the opportunity to study the code before compiling and be sure that it works right as declared.

The F-Droid application itself, which is being used to access the platform, also has open source code. However, you do not have to install it since you can use the site via the web interface.

The application interface is user-friendly, but unfortunately this is not the case when you can count simplicity as an advantage: there are neither filters nor categories which simplify the search process. Plus, a range of applications is not impressive since the requirements are strict.

4. SlideME



SlideME application store is frequently being preinstalled on devices without the access to Google Play; these are primarily inexpensive electronic books, children tablets and other gadgets with the customized Android versions. It is highlighted on the main page that all the applications are tested for viruses and exploits and then are checked by the site editors.

The SlideME application is called SAM, and, like the case with F-Droid, you do not have to install it to download software, because the web interface is available. The interface of SAM is simple: to go to Categories you need to swipe the main screen in any direction; each “card” has the complete description, a user grade and other applications recommended.

Despite there are only 20 thousand apps, they are all of high quality, because each one goes through many reviewers.

5. Mobogenie Market

Mobogenie Market

Mobogenie Market

Mobogenie Market — is not only the application store, it is also a download manager of Youtube videos, and contacts editor, and the desktop manager, and the Windows application, etc.

Mobogenie client is easy to use, there is a complete search through different categories, there are reviews of apps in their “cards”, and in the descriptions there are recommendations marked which are given to an app by different editors and rewiewers.

6. Antiroid



Antiroid side is actually not a store and not a library – it is a complete search engine which lets you find the free alternatives of the paid applications in Google Play. The point is that if we try to find an analogue of any paid application, the first applications we encounter are lite versions with the limited functionality and advertisements. Antiroid helps find as much accurate analogues of the same program as possible.

In order to use Antiroid it is enough to enter the application name and after that you will see the alternatives offered. If there is no free alternative, you will see a list of paid applications. When you push the Install button you will be redirected to the Google Play page. You may easily sort your games or applications easily.

7. AlternativeTo



One more alternative application search engine is “AlternativeTo”, but the choice is not limited to Android software and free applications. Initially the project was dedicated to PC software, but now you may find all sorts of applications for all operational systems and even plugins for different browsers.

The site is very user-friendly: you only need to enter the application name in the search bar. After you have the search results you may sort them depending on the platform, a license type, popularity and the time of upload, and even tags.

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