Best Antivirus For Android OS – 2017 | UPDATED

Android operating system is currently very popular and is used on many mobile devices. If you have not yet installed an antivirus on your phone or tablet, you expose your gadget to a serious threat of viruses in unreliable applications or other kinds of badware. The quality antivirus for Android will help you protect your device from modern devices and will save you from any kind of virus activity.

There are many antivirus programs for Android. They are all different in terms of sets of additional functions, the operation quality of the antivirus scanner, the operation speed and many other parameters. If you do not know how to choose the useful program, then use our pick of the best Android antivirus programs. The most popular and widespread antivirus programs do not only demonstrate the high protection level from badware, but also they perform the most up-to-date data protection and ensuring confidentiality functions of the user’s information.

Android antivirus: Avast! Mobile Security

Android antivirus Avast Mobile Security

Advantages: the impressive set of additional features, well-structured device protection, great design, huge variety of user settings of all kinds, free-of-charge basis.

Drawbacks: not the highest score in terms of inspection of the newest badware, some functions require other apps to be installed.

Avast Mobile Security is capable of effective protection of your personal data. The program automatically checks your device for viruses, notifies you on malicious links, and blocks hacker attacks with the help of built-in firewall. With additional (anti-thief) function you can completely block your device in case of a theft, manage your device remotely with text messages and track actual location of your device with GPS. We should note that the integrated Avast Anti-Theft component is one of the most effective in the market. Avast! Mobile security for Android is a free product whose functions you will not be able to find in other modern antivirus applications.

Main antivirus opportunities:

  • Antivirus scanner of high quality
  • Effective protection advisor
  • Call and text messages screening support
  • Application management support
  • Built-in web protection
  • Protection from USSD attacks
  • Built-in firewall
  • Anti-theft component
  • Backing up support

You can download Avast! Mobile Security for Android here.

Android antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security

Android antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security

Advantages: high protection from virus threats, useful additional functions, for instance, SIM Watch or Privacy Protection, the quality antivirus scanner.

Drawbacks: not intuitive interface, less paid and free functions, the “shield” icon is not informative; the program is not free of charge.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is a powerful antivirus for smartphones and tablet computers. The program is optimized for working on any mobile devices. This antivirus includes several different components (quality antivirus scanner, anti-theft component, web filter, calls and SMS screening). All these components allow protecting your device from viruses and other collapses. As for minuses turning off a user, Kaspersky Internet Security is a paid application and costs around 14.95$ a year on one device. This program may work slowly on weak devices.

Main antivirus opportunities:

  • Detection of viruses and potentially dangerous programs
  • Heuristic checking
  • Scheduled antivirus checks
  • Complete or selective scanning
  • Possible remote deletion of personal data
  • Unwanted call and messages blocking

You can download Kaspersky Internet Security here.

Antivirus for Android: Dr.Web

Antivirus for Android Dr.Web

Benefits: high scanning speed, permanently updating virus base, great set of additional functions, stable operation with low energy consumption.

Drawbacks: there are ads of the paid version in the free one (it is irritating people).

Please meet a very popular Android antivirus providing high protection rates from virus threats. There are two program versions – paid and free (light version). Paid version costs 8$ a year on one device. The main difference of Dr. Web Light is the absence of additional modules and protection components. Additional features such as antispam, anti-theft, URL filter, and firewall and security auditor are only available for owners of the paid version. We should note here that only paid version can guarantee maximum protection, and further we are going to discuss some opportunities of this version.

Main antivirus opportunities:

  • Effective virus protections by the file monitor Spider Guard
  • Permanent protection in real time
  • Partial or complete scanning
  • Protection of your memory card from viruses
  • Quarantine mode for located virus files
  • Calls and SMS screening
  • Anti-theft component

You can download Dr.Web here.

Antivirus for Android: Lookout Mobile Security

Antivirus for Android Lookout Mobile Security

Benefits: intuitive interface, high scanning speed and high virus detection speed, it does not affect the speed of your device, it effectively scans advertising software, and there is a useful Privacy Advisor function.

Drawbacks: this is not the best antivirus scanner; you cannot set up black lists or create user profiles.

Let us continue reviewing the best antivirus programs for Android and now meet the great antivirus called Lookout Mobile Security. This program uses the effective cloud network called Mobile Threat Network thanks to which the device is completely protected from viruses and spyware. There are two antivirus versions: the paid (premium) and free ones. As usual, the Premium version implies additional features and modules (fishing protection, confidentiality protection and others), but the price is relatively high so it does not attract users. The price for using Lookout Mobile Security Premium is $3 a month or $30 a year.

Main antivirus opportunities:

  • Great virus protection thanks to Mobile Threat Network
  • Malicious and spyware blocking
  • Scanning of every application installed
  • An opportunity of saving contacts and getting remote access to data
  • An opportunity of tracking a device on Google maps in case it is lost

You can download Lookout Mobile Security here.

Antivirus for Android: McAfee Mobile Security

Antivirus for Android McAfee Mobile Security

Benefits: good protection from viruses, intuitive interface, many hints on how to use the app and other support options, wide range of functions, high operating speed.

Drawbacks: web-protection of this antivirus does not work in Chrome; the productivity of a mobile device drops significantly during scanning.

We are going to finish our review with McAfee Mobile Security. If the first three antivirus programs are quite popular, few people heard of the two final programs in our selection. McAfee is one of the leading programs in the mobile antivirus industry. This program will securely protect your device and your personal data from any threats. The antivirus will protect you during an installation of unknown applications, making online purchases and social network surfing.

There are two variants of McAfee Mobile Security – the paid one (Premium version) and free one. Premium version costs 12$ a year for three devices. The difference between the paid and the free version is the improved support function, secure storage and no advertisements.

Main antivirus opportunities:

  • Great protection from spies, Trojans and worms
  • Secure web surfing
  • Spam filter
  • Backup of important data
  • Anti-theft functions
  • Effective applications protection

You can download McAfee Mobile Security here.


We have got acquainted with the best Android antiviruses. You can download and test any discussed program and protect your device from badware. Many programs are released in paid and free versions. You are always able to test a certain program and decide whether you need additional functions or not.