Best Ways To Increase Internet Speed: Free Boost – 2017 | UPDATED

High speed of Internet connection is something the vast majority of internet users are striving for. So, in case of a good connection you can watch movies online in high quality, download big files quickly, and simply surf the Net conveniently. You must admit that the stuck “loading” sign is irritating.

However, not all users can connect high speed Internet, and the ones who can often notice that the declared speed differs from the real one. Therefore the question of increasing the Internet speed is urgent today.

We have prepared a whole bunch of effective pieces of advice on how to really increase the speed of the Internet connection. If you are not satisfied with your current speed of internet connection, then study our guide and solve your problem.

Equipment and connection speed inspection:

In the first place you need to inspect the network status and your network equipment status. Probably your speed is low due to your provider’s limitation and there is nothing to do with your computer or router.

Connection speed tests. Before you seriously start setting up your computer and equipment you need to check the real connection speed and compare it with the nominal one (this is the speed promised by the provider and stated in the contract).

For that insert “internet speed tests” in the search field and go to several websites from search results. With the help of special websites find out your real speed.

Normally, different websites show different results. Moreover, the speed tests on the same website can show different results. This is normal since the result depends on the exact location of servers and current network load. Complete several tests and calculate the average speed. “Website Speed Test

If the website suggests you a certain server for speed test, choose the closest server to your current location. In that case you will get the result which is the nearest to the real speed.

Comparing the measured and the declared speeds. Look at the service contract issued by the provider. It should state the Internet speed. Consider this: providers frequently state the maximum possible speed, for instance, up to 100 Mb/s.

The real speed is always less than the maximum one. If the speed measured is insignificantly lower than the declared one, there it is not a big deal. But if the difference is big (more than 20-30%), you should start thinking on how to solve this problem.

Do not mix megabytes and megabits. There is 8 megabits (Mb) in one megabyte (MB). Therefore with 100 Mb/s speed the real speed is approximately 12-12,5 MB/s.

If you do not have the contract, then call the hot line of your provider or the customer support. You can find out the information about the Internet speed there. We also recommend to visit the provider’s website and to see if there are new tariff plans. The provider usually does not tell the customers that there are new more advantageous tariffs (higher speed for less money). Therefore if you have not changed your tariff plan, look for that information.

Restart your router. You will wonder, but such simple method as router or modem restart very often helps increase the Internet speed. If a device does not have the restart button, you can restart it by removing the power wire from the socket for 20-30 seconds.

Checking for signals conflict. If you use a Wi-Fi router for internet seeding, then you should check if there are conflicts with other wireless devices (the speakers, camera or mouse, etc.). You should also check the frequencies of your neighbors’ routers. Very often due to channels overload (too many routers in one sector working in the same channel) the Internet speed drops significantly.

Checking if the traffic limit is exceeded. Despite that many users use the unlimited Internet connection, there are still the people who use the limited connection. Go to your account on the provider’s website or call the customer support to check if you exceeded the traffic limit.

Usually after the traffic limit is exceeded, the provider limits the speed of the Internet connection. Users notice that the speed declined sharply, but forget to look at traffic limits.

Inspection of the connected devices. If you use several computers, check if one of them is using all network resources. For instance, one of your family members may download a big file or watch a TV series in high quality. In that case the Internet speed on other devices drops significantly.

If you use a Wi-Fi router, then check what devices are connected to your network. Are there unknown users who could hack your network and connect illegally? For instance, if you go to settings of TP-Link router and go to “Wireless mode” tab “Wireless mode statistics”, then you will be able to see who is connected to the network right now. Block all intruders.

To go to settings of your router, insert or in the search field of your browser. After that you need to insert your login and password. You can see the connected devices in the router settings without the additional software.

Checking if the router is located in the correct place. If you use a wireless router to connect the Net, then check if it was installed correctly.

The incorrect installation of a Wi-Fi router decreases the Internet connection speed dramatically. You cannot install a router behind concrete walls, nearby radio signal sources, in niches of concrete walls.

Look at weather forecast. The case is foolish at first sight. How can weather influence the Internet speed? For those users who use the cable connection the weather does not influence the speed. If you connected the satellite or wireless internet (a USB shaped modem) then you should know that the Internet speed is sensitive to weather. If there is heavy rain or snow outside, do not be surprised that the speed is low. Wait until the weather calms down. Then the speed will bounce back.

Increase the Internet speed with computer optimization:

To increase the internet speed for free you need to start optimizing your computer. It is simple. Read below to find out how.

Scan your computer for viruses. Viruses lead to precious information leaks as well as to the decline in the internet connection speed.

Regardless of the internet speed on your computer you should always have an antivirus installed. This may be a free version (you do not have to purchase the paid version). To avoid conflicts it is recommended not to install more than one antivirus.

Scan your computer for spyware and ads software. Unfortunately, not all antivirus programs (especially in case of free and unknown programs) are capable of detecting and deleting the spyware. Such software is potentially dangerous. Constant attempts to connect to third-party servers and transmit the information can lead to decline in the internet speed, and this can result in uncomfortable feelings.

To search for spyware you can use several programs at the same time. There are no limitations (unlike, for instance, the case of antivirus programs). You can use the following programs to scan your computer for spyware:

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free
  • Spybot — Search & Destroy
  • Spyware Terminator
  • AVZ Antiviral Toolkit
  • Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+

Delete extra toolbars. If you want to increase the Internet speed, delete all extra toolbars in your browser. Many toolbars decline the internet speed.

Change the browser. Sometimes even with high internet speed the websites are opening very slowly and the browser is slow. A user can think that the reason is low internet speed, but the real issue is the obsolete browser.

Clean your hard disk from rubbish. With littery hard drive the computer works slower. In many cases users notice that the internet speed decreased and it became more difficult to work on the Net, and it turns out that the computer itself is slow.

Hard drive optimization does not take much time but it can provide the starling results in terms of increasing the productivity. In the first place carry out the defragmentation of your hard drive. For that go to the disk properties, then to the “Service” tab and press the “Defragmentation” button.

Also check your disk for errors. You can do it in the same tab, but before that you need to restart your computer.

You should always leave minimum 10% of free space in the system partition of your hard drive. Otherwise, all programs including the web browser will work much slower than they could.

Clean the browser cache. Full browser cache may slow down its operation. From the user’s side this may look like the internet is slow. To increase the Internet speed, clear the cache.

Close all programs which can consume traffic. Very often the decrease of the internet connection speed is due to that several programs consume the traffic actively. To increase the internet speed quickly you should close such programs.

Do not stop processes or close programs with unknown names. This may lead to unstable computer operation, to hang-ups or unauthorized restarts.

Press «Ctrl+Alt+Delete» and open the task manager. In the “Processes” tab close all the known programs consuming traffic and not necessary at the moment.

They may be all sorts of game centers, torrents or other programs. You can easily stop processes launched by the administrator. The system processes can only be stopped if you thought on what each process is responsible for.

Update the firmware version. If you do not know how to increase the Internet speed, and all the remaining means did not help you, try updating the firmware of your router. Very often the new firmware fixes various bugs and defects after what the router starts working much better. If you do not know how to update the firmware of your router, type the model of your router in commentaries and we will tell you how to do it.

Use the wire bond. The wire bond instead of wireless connection is a good way of increasing the Internet speed. Connect the computer to the router with the help of Ethernet cable. With that the Internet speed must be much higher.

Let me explain this with my example. My laptop is connected to the wireless network provided by the router. The speed is up to 100 Mb/s. The real speed with Wi-Fi connection is nearly 20 Mb/s.

Increasing the Internet speed with the equipment update:

Our optimization advice should have helped you increase the Internet speed. The speed increase is especially noticeable in case the measured and the declared speeds were different. For instance, instead of 100 Mb/s the speed was only 10-15 Mb/s. Now we are going to consider some hints on how to modernize the computer and the equipment. Even though the change of components is costly, sometimes it is inevitable.

If the declared and the measured speeds are equal, your computer and equipment are set up correctly. In that case you need to change your tariff. You cannot get the speed higher than the maximum one for your tariff. So, with up to 100 Mb/s tariff you will not get the loading speed of 20-30 MB/s and more since it is impossible from the technical point of view.

You can find many programs offering the loading speed increase of 200-300% and more. It is money grab or a virus in every case. So, do not be tempted by such figures.

Update your computer’s components. We have spoken before about the problem of slow computer which leads to low browser speed and, consequently, to low speed of web surfing. If you cannot accelerate your computer, try buying more powerful components.

It is easier and cheaper to change RAM (random access memory) – you can buy an extra bail if there is some space on the motherboard. Bigger RAM can accelerate your computer. You can also change the processor or a video card. But this kind of change is more costly and less justified.

Change the router. The old router cannot be capable of dealing with great streams of traffic. Many users complain that the router cuts the internet speed. The problem sometimes can be solved with the correct settings of a router, but in many cases even the correct setting does not help. You should also understand that old routers can have low-powered aerials which negatively influence the Internet speed.

If you use an old router, now is probably the time to change it. Choose a good router by some well-known company and forget the question of accelerating the Internet speed.

When choosing a router pay attention to such characteristics as the broadcast band and the broadcast standard, aerials quantity and capacity, coverage area, maximum distribution speed, the number of Ethernet ports.

If you do not know how to choose a router for your accommodation conditions, ask me in the commentaries section, I will try to help you out.

Change your modem. If you use a modem to connect to the Internet, then you should know that it can also become obsolete. The number of troubles only increases with time and the signal quality is falling with time. Modems released by special companies in most cases work for a longer period of time than the ones released by Internet providers. If your modem is old – change it for a new one.


In this article we have tried to answer the question of how to increase the Internet speed. We have given many real examples of how you can do it. If you use all our advice, the speed will increase dramatically. Try it yourselves. We sure hope that our article will help you deal with low speed of the Internet connection.