How To Uninstall Mackeeper (Pckeeper) – 2017

About Mackeeper program knows about every owner of Mac OS. The thing is that this program is a very strong marketing policy, at any site in the banner hanging this annoying program that states that eliminate hangup and braking Mac OS, and delete unnecessary files that take up space on your hard drive, check your computer from viruses and generally make your system as a new one. But after installing this program everything is not quite as you expected.

Removing MacKeeper: Remove Mackeeper Forever

Because of the anti-virus computer slows down even more than before. And the virus, he naturally found.

Places of unnecessary files, he already released 200 megabytes that current realities zero.

The program is constantly offers itself to buy to open the blocked function. Even if you pay the money, nothing changes, the software will become as useless. In addition to a powerful marketing there is nothing useful.

To uninstall the Mackeeper you must:

1. Go to finder-> Programs

2. Mackeeper Open and exit the keyboard shortcut CMD + Q

3. Drag product to shopping cart, and wait 30 seconds.

4. You will display a window with a proposal to remove the program.

Remove MacKeeper

Remove MacKeeper

5. Click «Uninstall»

That’s all. The Mackeeper we have removed, but we stayed hidden files.

1. Open Finder

2. Up Press transition

3. Press the ALT key on the keyboard to display the folder “Library”

4. Go to the library provide> Application Support-> NoticeEngine.plugin

5. Locate the folder inside NoticeEngine.plugin «Mackeeper» and delete it.

After restarting your system completely off. If you still have any questions, please write in the comments, I will be glad to help you.


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