Skyrim Console Commands

This page provides a complete list of the most useful codes and cheats in Skyrim, you may need to fix bugs or if you strongly want to spoil your game.

tgm – God mode. The player gets the absolute invulnerability, does not spend mana, stamina and arrows; able to run even if the parameter is exceeded tolerable weight (if you used the code, but can not run – throw or pick up any thing, the ability is triggered after a change of the total weight of the portable objects)

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setessential (Base ID) 1/0 — Does your character immortal / mortal.

setscale x – subject to increase in the x.

tc — It allows you to control your satellite, and the Dragonborn will move along with the companion.

tcl — Mode coast and walking through walls.

psb — Get all the spells of the game + Screams, opens all the animals abilities.

tai — Disable / enable artificial intelligence.

tcai — Disable / enable artificial intelligence battle.

tfc — Free-floating camera.

tmm 1/0 — Open / close all the locations on the map.

s1st — It displays the model in the first person, as a model in the third.

qqq — Out of the game console.

tm — Removes the mapping interface, indispensable in the creation of screenshots.

tfow — It enables or disables the nebula unexplored areas on the map.

inv — Check the object ID, the situation in the container. Open the console and click on the container, which put the subject.

tg — It enables or disables the display of grass.

tlv — It enables or disables the display of leaves.

ts — It enables or disables the display of the sky.

tt — It enables or disables the display of trees.

tws — It enables or disables the display of water.

tim — Mode of Immortality. Unlike God Mode, health, mana and energy costs, but when the player’s health reaches 0, it will not die.

twf — Turn on / off the grid (wireframe mode).

tscr — It enables or disables the script.

bat <name>  — Enables the file to the root folder of the game. (Example: create a file named “add” in the root folder of the game and write in it cheats. Login to the game and to register bat add – and the console will register all the cheats that were in the file).

csb — Clean the screen with blood.

fw <ID> — Set short term weather with a given ID.

pushactoraway <ID> <Number> — Push an object away, where <Number> = force of repulsion.

recycleactor — Respawn NPC or object to its original position with the original equipment.

SSG — Look at the graphics window.

resurrect или resurrect 1— Resurrects marked cursor target.

addtofaction <Faction ID> <Faction Rank> — Adds selected NPC faction. (Example: ‘addtofaction 19809 1’ added to a fraction of Marriage NPC that will allow the player to get married / marry NPC).

addfac <Faction ID> <Faction Rank> — The short version of the previous command. unlock – Open the selected door / container.

lock (1-100) —Lock selected lid / container (higher degree of closing up the lock. 101 – on the key).

kill — Kill the cursor marked target.

killall — Kill all the enemies in this area.

prid <ID> — Select NPC. (Replaces clicking the mouse on the NPC in the console.)

moveto <ID> — Transferring selected character / item to the player. (You can teleport “lost” partners.)

disable — “disable” object. He will remain in the game but will not be displayed and function.

enable — include “the object.

setrelationshiprank (1-4) – set the level of relations with the selected character.

markfordelete — Marks an object for deletion. If you mark an object in such a way to produce and save / load, the object will be removed from the game. Attention! – The object will be removed from the game forever, unlike disable.

resetAI — Resets the level of the ratio of said character.

resethealth — It returns to the original level of health.

resetinventory — Updates / resets inventory.

removeitem <Item ID> <Count> — Remove the specified object in the specified amount of inventory.

removeallitems <Actor — Container ID> — Delete all items marked NPC.

showinventory — Show selected character inventory / container.

movetoqt — It teleports you to the point of the assignment, where x is the ID of the quest.

enableplayercontrols — It includes control during savers in the game engine.

tdetect — Impunity mode disables all penalties for murder and theft, not including pickpocketing.

setownership — Get the ownership of the specified object.

duplicateallitems <Container/NPC ID>— Make copies of objects (container or select the character and copy BaseD). fov [10,20,30,40 …] – Change the camera view from the eyes of the review. advancepclevel – Increase level.

advancepcskill <Name Skill> X – Increase the skill level advskill <skill name> XXX – Increase skill on XXX, where XXX – add to the amount of experience the skill and, therefore, in

player.advlevel — Adds one level of the player (glasses perks is not given).

paycrimegold — Click on attacking the guards and enter the code. Removes fine of town (the money shot, but remains the stolen goods). You will be near the prison, attacks cease.

player.modav burden X — Increase the maximum weight on the X.

player.modav Dragonsouls X — Add X trapped souls of the dragon.

player.setav speedmult X — Increase speed of movement, where X.

player.setav dragonsouls ХХ — It puts the number of souls of dragons on the twentieth.

player.setav shoutrecoverymult 0 — Cries triggered without recharging.

player.setav carryweight X — Set carried weight.

setcrimegold (amount) (faction id) — Set a reward for the player’s head (value amount> 0) faction (faction id).

player.setcrimegold X — Establishes a fine player on the value of X.

player.setscale X — set the size of the player X, is from 0.1 to 10.

setscale X —set the size of the object on the X, is from 0.1 to 10.

player.IncPCS <skill> — increases the level of skill in the written one.

player.setactorvalue <skill> <1-100> — set the <skill> <1-100>.

player.equipitem <Item ID> — equipped thing.

player.additem <Item ID> <count> — add the <ID>

player.addspell <Spell ID> — add the <ID> magical abilities of the players.

unequipitem <Item ID> — remove <ID> item from the selected NPC.

player.removespell — Remove selected spell. removespell <Spell ID> – equipitem <Itemid> – Dress in clothes selected NPC.

showinventory – Display inventory getlevel <Target> – Show level NPC.

getrelationshiprank <Target> – Show ratio of NPC to the player.

dispelallspells — It removes all the superimposed magical effects with the player.

player.addperk <Perk ID> — Add <perk ID> player. player.removeperk <Perk ID> – Remove <perk ID> the Player.

modpcs skill 100 — get 100 points to the abilities.

help — List console commands help keyword X – code search by keyword.

stopcombat — immediately stop the current fight.

savegame <file name> – save the game.

setcamerafov <degrees> – select a certain degree of inclination of the camera (Standard – 75).

setplayerrace (ID) — Install a race without using the character showracemenu.

showracemenu — It allows you to go back to the setup menu character.

showclassmenu — go to the screen to select the class.

showbirthsignMenu — go to the screen to select the mark s.

howspellmaking — Hero brings to the altar, which allows the creation of the necessary spell.

hairtint (red/green/blue) — It allows you to change hair color.

setav (Value) (Amount) — Sets the value of character attributes (value may be capable or attributes).

player.payfine — Guardian stops hunting for you and your debts to them immediately disappear.

player.setcrimegold 0 — to cancel the hunt for your head.

player.setav weaponspeedmult xx — increasing the speed of your weapon attacks, where xx value, ie If 2 – speed above 2-fold.

player.setav speedmult xxx — Change speed (default 100%). Warning ran into another location too quickly, you risk to fly on your desktop. (Better to put 150)

player.setav AttackDamageMult xx — how much xx write, so many times to increase the damage of all weapons.

player.modav meleedamage хх — xx adds damage (+ and weapons).

set DecapitationChance to хх — increases the chances of decapitation. set playerfollowercount to 0 – the player is 0 helpers.

set timescale to (number) — Replaces the time factor (20 – by default, 1 – game in real time).

set KillMoveRandom to хх —increases the chances of random finishing.

showquesttargets — show target quests.

showquestlog — Show lyrics Quest.

showfullquestlog <id — Quest> – show all text quests.

showquestlog 0 — show the text of this quest.

showquestlog 1 — to show that the text quests.

sqs <quest ID> — Show quest stage.

resetquest <quest ID> — Remove quest.

caqs — Complete all the stages of the quest.

saq — Start All quests.

player.placeatme <ID> Call the specified object.

player.resetquest 0 — Remove Activated Quest.

player.completequest — Complete the quest activated.

player.setstage <Уровень> — Get a special quest.

getstage <ID квеста> — to know the stage of the quest.

setstage <ID квеста> <Step number> – Sets the steps of the Quest (usually 1 – the beginning, 255 – final) – helps in the treatment of quests, “frozen” because of scripting errors.

player.setlevel (1-255) — Set character level (1-255).

player.modav carryweight 4000 — Set the number of transferred weight.

player.modav Magicka 4000 — Set the amount of mana.

player.modav Stamina 4000 — Set the amount of stamina.

player.modav Health 4000 — Set Number of Health.

player.setav <Skill> (1-100) — Applies the new number of the marked attribute or skill. Skills:
Illusion, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, Enchanting, Smithing, HeavyArmor, Block, TwoHanded, Onehanded, Marksman, LightArmor, Sneak, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Speechcraft, Alchemy.
Call the object / creature / NPC:
player.placeatme (ID character) (quantity) – Adds the specified number of characters.

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Objects and creatures

player.placeatme 000f811d: Call the Ancient Dragon

player.placeatme 000f8117: Call of the Blood of the Dragon

player.placeatme 000f8102: Old Dragon’s Call

player.placeatme 000f8119: Call the Ice Dragon

player.placeatme 000eafb4: Average Call Dragon

player.placeatme 0008e4f1: Call Dragon Alduin

player.placeatme 0001ca05: Call Dragon Mirmulnira

player.placeatme 000fe431: Call Dragon Naagliva

player.placeatme 000f6850: Call Dragon Odavinga

player.placeatme 0003c57c: Call Dragon Parturnaksa

player.placeatme 000fe432: Call Dragon Vinturuta

player.placeatme 000fe430: Call Dragon Vulyotnaka

player.placeatme 0007eac7: Call Dragon Vulturyola

player.placeatme 000bad0d: Enchanting Altar (floor model)

player.placeatme 000d5501: Enchanting Altar (wall mount)

player.placeatme 000bad0c: Alchemist (floor model)

player.placeatme 000d54ff: Alchemist (wall mount)

player.placeatme 0006e9c2: Sharpening machine

player.placeatme 000cae0b: Forge

player.placeatme 000bbcf1: Heavenly Forge

player.placeatme 0001a2ad: Anvil

player.placeatme 0009c6ce: Smeltery

player.placeatme 000d932f: Workbench

player.placeatme 000727a1: Tanning machine

player.placeatme 0006b303: Wardrobe

player.placeatme 0006b36b: Single Bed

player.placeatme 0006b3d3: Double Bed

player.placeatme 0009af19: Chest

player.placeatme 000800e0: Safe

player.placeatme 000c2a01: Armchair

player.placeatme 000c2a04: Nightstand

player.placeatme 000c5891: Showcase

player.placeatme 000f5b9c: Marble table with benches

player.placeatme 00109d86: Closed Bookcase

player.placeatme 0010e884: Barrel

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