VPS Hosting: Features 2017 | UPDATED

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a pretty widespread type of hosting, where a user has their dedicated server with administrator permission. This kind of service is referred to as an up-to-date and effective technology combining the working capacity of a dedicated server which is much cheaper than the real one, application flexibility and the resource usability. Compared to an habitual virtual server the VPS has lots of benefits.

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VPS differences from a virtual hosting:

Unlike the virtual hosting, where all resources are public and all users divide them between each other, the VPS provides each client with private resources, and this is where all major benefits come from.

VPS advantages:

1 Installation of software and library versions according to the user’s preferences as well as the ability to make changes to the existing files.

2 Individual setting of system parameters.

3 The ability to host plenty of projects, databases and domains within single disk storage.

4 Complete control over all processes, users, and files.

5 Reliability of operation, quality service and continuous support.

Within the borders of this service a user is given a virtual engine with proper OS and administrator permission which imply broader possibilities and options for a user. In fact, the major difference between a virtual hosting and the VPS is that resources of the former are being divided between all users in equal proportions. That is why, a reload of a project of one client leads to failures in operation of websites of other users. Plus, a virtual hosting can only be used with simple websites, whereas VPS allows more complicated projects to function at full capacity. This is a great intermediate option between an ordinary hosting and a dedicated server.

Drawbacks of VPS:

The major disadvantages of such hosting are the need for administration or a purchase of that service in case a user does not have enough expertise in this sphere.

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VPS cost:

The cost of VPS depends on your billing plan, within which a client is given a certain number of guaranteed possibilities and additional options.

Virtual private hosting is a good option if a virtual hosting does not suit you with its possibilities, and a dedicated one is not of need. It is usually preferred by owners of such projects that put great emphasis and highlight the importance of speed, functionality, reliability, the quality of service, that are devoted to active development, further improvements and profit generation.