What Song Is This? Top 10 Best Online Services and Mobile App For Your Phone -2017 | UPDATED

Like accidentally I heard the song, but you do not know either the name or artist name? If you remember at least a small piece of music, you have a chance to find it. How? With online music recognition service.

What do you need to What Song Is This?
time: any recorder (even the one that goes in the phone)
Two: Internet

What actions?
Five: Records
Four: pumped to a computer record
three: go to the site
Two: losing record in any player
time: waiting for the result!

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Online Services What Song Is This?

1. Midomi – here you need to click on the “Click and Sing or Hum” by the words “The ultimate music search”. By the way, for the recognition of music on this website is enough to turn on the microphone and sing the melody.

2. AUDIOTAG.INFO – AudioTag.info – your music recognition robot.

Audiotag also quite known resource. Record 15-45 second fragment of the desired song using any program record and save on your computer; Open the Web page service, click «Browse» («Choose the file”) and load a recorded fragment to the site; After loading confirm that you people – please enter the captcha; 5-10 seconds the service will give you the result. Experiment with the same three passages again was successful: all the songs have been identified correctly.

3.  Tunatic – A small program that is installed on the PC.

4. Musipedia – Pretty good music recognition service and very large functions.

5. WATZATSONG.COM – Have a tune stuck in your head? Hum it or Sing it on WatZatSong and let the community name it for you!. Service WatZatSong compared with the social network, since the music on it to recognize one another helps the user. After registering you will be available for recording function tunes – just click «Post a sample» and through a microphone Water the clip of a song. When you save the record will need to specify the music genre and then – wait until someone from the users will be able to recognize him. It may take weeks or months.

6. NAMEMYTUNE.COM – NameMyTune helps you find the name of a song. You sing or hum a tune into your microphone and thousands of people around the world listen to your recording and try identify the song for you. To help you learn a song, click on «Find the name of a song». In the next window, specify the musical genre, time period, when there was the song, as well as your e-mail. Then press the record button and go.

7. MUSIPEDIA.ORG – A unique service that is able to learn the songs not only sound, but also the rhythm, notes, and other properties. The choice you are offered: to sing, to play audio files on a virtual piano, write down notes, fill the rhythm by clicking on buttons or create a “loop” melody, marking the rise and fall of tone. A search engine for tunes and musical themes and a collaborative music encyclopedia. Only the melody needs to be known to search Musipedia or the Web. The melody can be played on a keyboard or whistled or sung to the computer. The Musipedia collection is editable by anybody, just like Wikipedia.

8. MELODYCATCHER.COM – Melody Catcher: the Internet Music Search Engine. Recalls Musipedia: it has only one way to download the desired music – play it on a virtual piano. Service assures that it is easy to play, and to deal with that even people far from music. During the game on lined note panel appear that you can move, remove, add, and listen to what you get.

Mobile App What Song Is This?

For the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Samsung there is a similar system Shazam. The principle is the same: you send a piece of composition, and in return get its data. However, service users Runet has several drawbacks: it works only for residents of the UK, and he paid.

Download Shazam:








Midomi – a program service for iPhone, recognizing a music from your phone. The advantage of the program is that it can search not only the data of music, but also videos from YouTube. However, the service is not limited to work with the iPhone – using Adobe Flash technology, this service can work with any computer, so it can be called universal.

The result – the first place I want to give service Shazam for almost instant recognition of the track, as well as a wide range of solutions for both desktop computers and for virtually any mobile device. In the second place Midomi, which quickly and accurately recognize proposed tracks and, moreover, can analyze the record “on the fly” without the need to download files to the server. In third place – AudioTag – for the ability to recognize all of the tracks. However, the disadvantage is the ability to recognize only the recorded files.